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Automatic Door Openers

Did you know that the first electric garage door opener was invented in 1926 by C.G Johnson? Well, today there are also numerous other electrical garage door options to choose from. These garage door openers are secure and very convenient to use. However, installing these Automatic Door Openers in Warwick require professional assistance. That’s where our 20 years of experience and excellence in garage door installation comes into effect. Our professional staff has the necessary equipment and required skillset to install any automatic garage door opener precisely. They also know the type that works best with the location fulfilling all user requirements.

Why opt Automatic Garage Doors?

According to estimates, most of the local and commercial properties include Automatic Door Openers in Kenilworth for their excessive benefits over manual ones. Starting with the remote functioning, so you don’t have to strain your muscles or stain your beautiful dress. The progressive motor movement also provides safety over accidental drops and prevents panel misalignment. The system even has motion sensors to halt as they detect anything moving in and out of the garage. Even in the case of the system malfunction, the user can still manually operate the door. And considering the expense, it’s a luxury that you should skip.

Types and Their Ideal Placement:

The following Automatic Door Openers in Leamington spa are listed according to their demand and their precise usage area.

Chain Drive:

The chain drive is the cheapest option to automate your garage door. However, the chain drive garage door system creates a considerable amount of vibration and noise which can be a nuisance sometimes. If you have an independent garage away from the living spaces, you’re good to go with a chain drive automatic garage door opener. They’re less efficient for heavy doors and only provide simplest remote-control features.

Belt Drive:

Belt drive Automatic Door Openers in Stratford upon Avon is the most preferred choice out there. Using a rubber belt instead of a chain, both vibrations and noise are significantly reduced. However, the belt drive openers rest on the expensive side for its motion sensor addon, better remote access range and high security. If you have a combined garage with residential access and living spaces right above, it’s the best choice for you.

Screw Drive:

A screw drive is another less noisy ceiling-mounted automatic garage opener type that works using a threaded rod to lift and lower the garage door. It offers the same intelligence and security features like a belt drive system but it is superior in terms of heavy lifting. If you have a double size garage door with heavy metal construction, the screw drive opener is the best sustainable and durable choice in the market.


Jack shafts are the oddest yet compact and efficient Automatic Door Openers in Coventry. Unlike others, it is connected directly to the torsion rod against the sidewall, preventing ceiling vibrations. The system looks the cleanest and works best with both low roof and high roof garages.