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Electric Garage Door Repair

Regardless of the extensive convenience of automatic garage doors, their operations are volatile to issues and repairs. However, these issues are not complex most of the time and with little assessment, you will get you to know the pertaining problem. But as they are directly linked to electrics, any uninformed action may turn the situation even worse. Therefore, it’s better to ask for our Electric Garage Door Repair in Warwick than trying yourself and getting hurt. Our garage services are reliable with competitive prices and over 2 decades of experience in the industry to assure smoothest and safest garage door operations.

The following is a list of common and rare garage door problems and all the possible solutions to resolve them.

No Garage Door Operation:

It is a relatively rare yet possible problem to experience no garage door operation. As soon as you find out that neither the remote not the wall switch is functional, always look for power supply issues first. There are chances that the power cable has been unplugged. If not inspect the power plug for signs of short-circuiting or burns. If the problem still exists, check for the fuse box. It’s possible that the fuse is blown or the circuit breaker had tripped and replacing it or turning the breaker on might solve the concern.

The worst-case scenario is that the motor has expired and you have to hire our Electric Garage Door Repair in Leamington spa to replace the motor and get things back on track.

Door Not Completely Closing: 

It is another rare yet possible situation that your garage doors fail to close entirely. In such a state, the chances are that the close limit setting is out. You can take help from the user setting to reset the close limit setting to stop your garage door from behaving erratically. Another possibility is that the safety sensors are preventing it to close completely. For this problem, the user can try cleaning the sensor eyes and calibrate the alignment to relieve the trouble. If you still experience the problem, our Electric Garage Door Repair in Kenilworth is your last reliable hope.

Door Reversing Before Closing:

It is a commonly experienced problem with the automatic garage doors that are poorly maintained. It happens when the pressure sensors sense a strain while pushing down the door and reopens the garage door. This mechanism was designed to prevent the door to completely descend on an object or person for security reasons. When this happens without a reason, first try lubing all the moving parts and manually check if the tracks are working fine. Otherwise, call our Electric Garage Door Repair in Stratford upon Avon to recalibrate the sensitivity of the sensors and repair the track or wheels.

Other Garage Door Issues:

These common issues for garage door cannot be assessed and corrected by users themselves. From the remote reprogramming issues, door opening limit switch dispositioning, the system part replacement and electronic repairs are all provided once our Electric Garage Door Repair in Coventry is requested.